PHP $_REQUEST 同名变量解析顺序



This directive describes the order in which PHP registers GET, POST, Cookie, Environment and Built-in variables (G, P, C, E & S respectively, often referred to as EGPCS or GPC). Registration is done from left to right, newer values override older values.

variables_order = “GPCS”

该设置配置PHP解析变量顺序,包括$_GET,$_POST,$_COOKIE,$_ENV ,$_SERVER 数组,解析顺序从左到右,后解析新值覆盖旧值。默认设定为EGPCS(Environment,GET,POST,Cookie,Server)。如果将其设为“GP”,会导致 PHP 完全忽略环境变量,cookies 和 server 变量,并用 POST 方法的变量覆盖 GET 方法的同名变量。


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